You now have access to the top underwriters in the country. Are you ready to get started?

With decades of experience in working cases of all sizes and complexities, your underwriting team has been the operational support of firms across the nation. Our team is here to provide the assistance, materials, and expertise you need to close cases as quickly and effectively as possible.

We create personalized solutions for your client

When you entrust us with finding a policy for your client, we see it as a privilege. No matter how complex the case may be, you can be confident that our team will provide the same level of service and consideration to your client as you do.

Underwriting Auction

We ensure that you receive the best combination of carrier, product and pricing to share with the client.

Daily Analysis

Large cases are reviewed daily by both the case management and underwriting team to get cases issued and placed as soon as possible.

Executive Review

Complex and/or large cases are elevated to and reviewed by the senior management team on a weekly basis.

Our team specializes in handling applications that were originally rated or rejected by a carrier.

Depending on the circumstances, we approach these cases in three different ways:

  • We negotiate with the carrier in order to secure your client's original offer.
  • We conduct thorough research to find another carrier who may be a better match for your client.
  • If the original offer can not be satisfied, we can ensure that the client will receive the very best alternative.

In addition, we help read, review, and process all of your client's necessary medical information in the simplest and most convenient way possible. By communicating directly with medical professionals, we make sure to receive the Attending Physician Statement (APS) as soon as possible, along with any other necessary medical documents.

Meet Your Underwriting Team

Cathy Gunter
Chief Underwriter

Ken Turscak
Underwriting Consultant

Will Walker
Underwriting Consultant

Gerri Bishop
Underwriting Consultant